What you need to know about FGN ​​SAVINGS BOND​​​

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The Debt Management Office (DMO) of Nigeria, on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria, has launched a new retail investment programme – the “Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) Savings Bond” – to help enhance the savings culture among Nigerians while providing all citizens irrespective of income level, an opportunity to contribute to National Development; as well as the comparatively​ favourable returns available in the capital market. FGN Savings Bond is safe and backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Government of Nigeria, with quarterly coupon payments to bondholders.   Features Minimum subscription of N5,000 with additions in multiple of N1,000; subject to a maximum of N50 million. Fixed coupon will be paid quarterly to investors. Bond tenors will range from 2 – 3 years tenor. It will be issued on a Monthly Basis through an Offer for Subscription. Monthly offer will be open for 5 days from the date of announcement.
Benefits The coupon/interest income from the Savings Bond are tax-free. The bondholder enjoys coupon/interest on a quarterly basis which is paid directly to his/her bank account It makes it possible for individuals to plan and save towards personal projects. FGN Savings Bonds are liquid as Secondary Market trading will be on the trading platform of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) The FGN Savings Bond is acceptable as collateral for loans. It offers guaranteed returns, and encourages financial inclusion.  How To Invest Investors  are to  subscribe through Dealing Members of the NSE accredited by the DMO to act as Distribution Agents. ​
Frequently Asked Questions​Fact Sheet​​​November 2017 FGN Savings Bond Offer for Subscription
FGN Savings Bond: Features, Trading and Opportunities​​Public Notice on the FGN Savings Bond
List of Stockbroking Firms accredited by the DMO to Market and Distribute FGN Savings Bond


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