A look at Lyft after first post IPO result

May 19, 2019 by  
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Lyft is an America based ride-sharing company. They recently went public early this year and they are struggling to maintain a balanced share price. The stock started out at $ 88 dollars range after IPO but since sold off to $ 56 as of today May 7, 2019. The company started at 25 billion valuations but it’s now at 16 billion.

It’s first earning report post IPO was impressive but losses continue to grow. They did well, stock compensations cost the big loss and that usually happen in the first year of the business. This car sharing company has a better business model than Netflix and they will be able to cut cost very soon. They doubled last year revenue and made 776 million this year. If they can increase this by 50 percent for next quarter and make 1 Billion by Next year I think that fantastic. Netflix didn’t do this good when it started out and Netflix is now worth 153 billion. Lyft is still a baby at 16 + billion. They just have to not do anything careless to be great.

And Uber won’t be a fair comparison for Lyft either. Uber is doing a lot of things. Uber Eat, uber freight, Uber finance. Uber Eat is the best of their businesses. Maybe they will find a way to Spinoff Uber Eat to unlock values.