FCMB stock nears worrisome price level

April 9, 2019 by  
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FCMB stock has unperformed recently despite reporting better than expected profit for last year. The stock closed at 1.87 Naira on April 8, 2019. 52 weeks price range was 1.32 N – 2.73 N. The stock was down – 18.11 percent on the 1-year return. FCMB stock pay 7.49 percent dividends.

Q1 earnings report for the year 2019 is due on 29/04/2019. 

FCMB is a financial service company, their business include micro-lending, asset management, stock broking, trusteeship and custodial services.   

Managing Director Adam Nuru is in charge of the company and he may have to make some tough decisions to make the stock attractive to investors.  

The company reported 44.0 billion Naira revenue with Net income of 4 billion and the company reported that profit margin rose 13.16 %.

However, these fantastic result didn’t reflect in the stock price.  FCMB stock continues to plummet and shareholders are losing money.