Nigerian stocks market was down due to the trade war between China and the USA

May 14, 2019 by  
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Nigeria stock exchange daily report.

Look at the reds; the United States of America and China are engaged in a trade war and it’s affecting the rest of the world. All Nigerian companies that receives shipments from China will be affected.

United States imposed 200 billion tariff on China, and China responded with a 60 Billion Dollars tariff on the United States of America. Here is how it’s impacting Nigeria stock exchange, below are the top 5 money loser for the day.

Mobil oil lost 4.62 percent

Stanbic bank lost 4.24 percent

Guinness Lost 2.91 percent

Guaranty (GTB) lost 3.13 percent

PZ lost 5.56 percent.

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