Member fees for traders and broker dealers of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

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The Nigerian Stock Excha​nge (NSE) offers its Dealing Members an efficient, transparent and well regulated marketplace for the execution of trades in securities listed on The NSE. It provides an opportunity for th​e Dealing Members to connect their clients to exciting investment options in the Capital Market.​​

Product/Transaction Type Basis of Computation Charge​​ (Naira)
Dealing Membership Fee Annual 40,000
Designated Adviser Application Fee One off 50,000
Designated Adviser Accreditation Fee Biennial 150,000
Dealing License Transfer Fee​​ 6% of purchase consideration
Rent of Trading Floor Annual 35,000
Authorized Clerkship​ Annual 20,000
ATS Training Fee Annual 55​,000
ATS Maintenance Fe​​​​​e Annual​ 200,000
Stock Market Report Monthly subscription 15,000
Trainee Clerkship Induction Event 35​,000
Continuous Professional Development Event 30,000
Brokers Uniforms Unit 1,500
Brokers Badge Unit 2,000
Nominal Transfer Fee 0.3% of value
Transaction Fees Bond N1 per million on the underlying trades ( both buy and Sell sides)
Exchange Traded Fund 0.3​% of consideration on the SELL side
Equity 0.3% of consideration on the SELL side
Training Fee Depending on the Module
Investigation Panel Fee Per Appearance 100,000


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