Central Bank Governor Godwin Emifiele urges people to invest in Nigeria.

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Mr. Godwin Emifiele is the current governor of Nigeria Central bank as of April 2019. He said that Nigeria is ready for investors following a successful general election and he presented conditions that will favour investors. 

He said that Nigeria is ready for business and that Nigeria GDP is expected to grow in near feature while meeting with possible investors in Washington DC.

“As at December 2018, a total sum of N178.48 billion had been disbursed through 19 participating financial institutions to 902,518 farmers.

“During the period, over 2.8 million and 8.4 million direct and indirect jobs were created under the Anchor Borrowers Programme,” he said.

He also discussed issues affecting foreign policy. Mr. Emifiele reiterated said that his focus is to ensure price stability, and he boasted about banning items would affect things negatively.  He assured the investors that he would follow up with policies that will establish a stable currency exchange rate, foreign exchange liquidity, vibrancy in the capital market, and an improved supply of foreign exchange with positive GDP growth.

“A lot of work has been done and indeed a lot of work needs to be done but in the midst of this, we are saying that Nigeria is open for business and foreign investors.

“As the monetary and fiscal authority continue to work tirelessly to boost our economy, it is important to portray some of Nigeria’s enduring strength which offers (a) significant reward for current and prospective foreign investors.

“I want you to know that irrespective of the impact of the recession, Nigeria’s economy remains the largest in Africa by the size of its GDP with diversified opportunities across different sectors.

“These sectors include ICT, manufacturing, solid minerals, trade and agriculture,” he added.


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